Legal Services :- We facilitate legal services in Qatar and UAE for our clients who require the assistance of a Lawyer in any Court of Law. Our Lawyers are qualified to handle the cases from the Court of First Instance, Appeal Courts and Court of Cassassion. Our Lawyers are considered to be the leading Lawyers in the state and they are having more than 20 years of expertise in conducting various cases in Courts. The main area of practice in these jurisdictions include:
• Shipping, Logistics and Maritime
• Cheque cases filing and defence
• Recovery of money
• Oil and Gas
• Company Law
• Insurance & Labour claims
• Real Estate
• Criminal Law
• Intellectual Property Disputes
• Family Law
• Law of Property
• International trade and commerce disputes
• Cases registered by Interpol
• Labour Law


The firm is associated with the legal and other professionals who are qualified to appear before the Dubai International Financial Center Court, Dubai International Arbitration Centre and Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Center. In Qatar Arbitration Law is newly introduced as Law No.2 of 2017. The Lawyers associated with the Primoris Law Firm is experienced in handling Arbitration matters in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Centers in the jurisdiction of Qatar, UAE and India. Arbitration Services related to the following subject is the core area of Arbitration practice of the firm.

• Recovery of money
• Violation of Contracts and compensation
• Real Estate and Construction
• Sale and Purchase Contracts
• Shipping and logistics
• Maritime Disputes
• Marine Service Disputes
• Oil and Gas
• Company Law
• Insurance and Re-insurance

Corporate Advisory Services:

What is the procedure to start a business in Dubai, UAE or Qatar? How to start a business in Dubai, UAE or Qatar? We answer this query with a team of experienced professionals who can assist the clients with legal know how of the particular jurisdictions.

We have a legal and para-legal team to support our clients for their following corporate & business related requirements:

Company Formation

• Onshore Companies
Onshore Companies require a 51% partnership by a nationality of the same Country. That means if a foreigner starts an onshore company in UAE or Qatar, a partner of that particular country is compulsory and 51% partnership will be in his name. The partner is normally introduced by the business community as Sponsor. This is a compulsory procedure as per commercial companies laws and normally the local partner will not involve or interfere in the day to day activities of the business.

• Freezone Companies
Freezone companies are 100% foreign owned companies. Freezone companies do not require the partnership or sponsorship of a national. Freezone Companies facility is available in UAE in different zones such as Jabel Ali Freezone, RAK Freezone, Airport Freezone, JLT, Dubai Internet City, Ajman Freezone etc. According to the activity of the company and the facilities required for warehouse, office etc the freezone area can be selected. In Qatar 100% foreign owned companies can be started in Qatar Science and Technology Park and in the Qatar Financial Center. Now three Special Economic Zone are opened in Qatar where 100% foreign owned companies can be incorporated.

• Offshore Companies
Offshore companies are also 100% foreign owned companies. Offshore companies are not involved in any business in UAE. The shareholder in the company can be one or more and need not visit the offshore authority office for the purpose of registering the company. The offshore agent approved by the concerned authority can represent the shareholder and complete the registration process. The company can maintain a bank account in UAE. Dubai and RAK offshore authority is providing the facility for offshore companies in UAE. The investor can start the company in UAE by sitting in his home country.

• Special Economic Zone Companies in Qatar
In pace with developing international trade and commerce and in view of world cup foot ball tournament going to be conducted in Qatar, Qatar government is expanding the opportunities for entrepreneurs. As part of Qatar National Vision 2030 three Special Economic Zones are opened in Qatar.

Qatar SEZ companies are 100% fully owned foreign companies. Ras Bufontas east of Al Wakrah Road; in Al Karana, south of the Indsutrial Area and at Ul Alhoul near Hamad Port and South of Al Wakrah are the three Special Economic Zones in Qatar.

• Trademarks and Designs
Registration of Intellectual property is very much important for the smooth and effective trading activities in every country especially in Qatar and UAE. Every trademark or design will be protected if it is registered in the specific country. The registration of trademark or design in one country will not protect the intellectual property rights in another country. In GCC countries intellectual property registration is separate in every member country. The intellectual property registration is not merely a clerical work and it requires sufficient knowledge of the concerned law and procedure in the particular jurisdiction. The Primoris Law Firm helps the clients in searching trademark names, registering trademarks, and filing objection for registering any trademark and appearing for hearing before the hearing authorities, appellate authorities and Court of law as part of IP law practice.
As part of Corporate Advisory Services, the firm is providing the following Services in GCC. The trade and business related with the companies in Qatar and UAE may be governed by many contracts and documentations as part of normal business affair. We assist the business world for the following requirements in Qatar and UAE.
• Business Sale and Purchases • Retirement or joining of Partners • Business Contract Drafting/Reviews • Online Business Agreements • Trademarks/Patents/IP transfer or licence • Expert Property lawyers • Power of Attorney to use in any Country • Legal Translation • Attestation of Certificates and documents

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